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Jarvis Breast Care
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Further Tests (Recalled for Assessment)

Once you have booked in at reception a breast care nurse or radiographer will explain why you have been recalled.

Further Mammograms:

Further mammograms may be used to look at specific areas of the breast in more detail.

Breast Examination:

This is performed by the doctor/specialist practitioner in the examination room and involves looking and feeling the breast tissue of both breasts when you are sitting and lying down. The examination may also include checking the lymph glands in your armpits.

Ultrasound Scan:

This is performed by the doctor/specialist practitioner in the examination room. It is usually painless and takes only a few minutes to do. Gel is placed onto the breast and the ultrasound probe is moved over the surface of the breast to look at the tissue beneath.


If an abnormal area is found a tissue sample may be taken. This can be a fine needle aspiration ( FNA ) or core biopsy and can usually be done at the time of your appointment.

Getting Your Results:

If you have a biopsy you will have to wait approximately 14 days for your result. At the time of your visit you will be given an appointment to return for your result which will be available in approximately 14 days. Occasionally results can take longer than anticipated.

For the majority of women assessment shows nothing more serious than an innocent breast condition.

Additional Information

How Long Will it Take?

Your appointment could take up to 2-3 hours so that we can carry out the necessary tests. It may be helpful for you to wear a top that is easy to take off and put on. Please avoid using talc or deodorant.

Should I Bring Someone?

You may like to bring a partner, friend or relative with you for company or support and they are most welcome.

If possible try not to bring small children with you and if necessary make arrangements for school children to be collected.

Is Food and Drink available?

Unfortunately, in light of the coronavirus, we only have bottled water available.

Is Car Parking Available?

Car parking is free, but spaces are limited. At busy times you may need to park on the main road at your own risk.