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Jarvis Breast Care
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Education and Training

The Jarvis Breast Centre Education and Training Department offers Postgraduate Education and Training to clinical staff of all grades working within the specialist field of Breast Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment.

The Jarvis Breast Centre Education and Training Department offers three programmes of study in Collaboration with the Joint Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education - Kingston University:

  • Mammography Associate Apprenticeship
    A new Mammography Associate apprenticeship is being offered by the Jarvis Breast Education Department in collaboration with NESCOT college. We have a flexible start date to this course with two block theory weeks running throughout the year. Please contact Sherril Spencer, programme lead for further information -

    Applications should be made through the following link:

  • Clinical training updates are available for both NHS and Private Mammographers. Please email philippa.martin@inhealthgroup.com

  • Postgraduate Certificate (PgC), Diploma (PgD) and Masters, (MSc) in Medical Imaging (Mammography). www.kingston.ac.uk/postgraduate-course/radiography-medical-imaging-mammography-msc

  • Postgraduate Certificate (PgC), Diploma (PgD) and Masters, (MSc) in Breast Evaluation . https://www.kingston.ac.uk/postgraduate-course/radiography-breast-evaluation-msc/

    Both Postgraduate degree programmes are modular based and specifically aimed at registered and qualified health professionals working in the specialist field of breast screening, diagnosis and treatment.

    The programmes are offered to professionals working in the field of breast screening, diagnosis and treatment such as Radiologists, Breast Clinicians/Physicians, GP's, Radiographers, Mammographers, Breast Care Nurses, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Associate Physicians and other medical grade staff with a specific interest in breast evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

    The module content is taught by a range of clinical experts in their fields - Consultant Practitioners, Breast Surgeons, Oncologists, Radiologists, Clinicians, Breast Specialist Nurses, Psychologist and Pathologist etc...

    For more details of all Education and Training programmes please contact:


    For all postgraduate enquiries please contact mfoster@sgul.kingston.ac.ukor pgradiog@kingston.ac.uk

    All applicants must be registered with Kingston University. As this can take several weeks, they are encouraged to apply at least 6 weeks prior to delivery dates.