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Changing Your Appointment

If you have received a screening appointment from our office, but it is not convenient, you can use this page to request an alternative date or time. Please fill in the changing appointment form below, selecting one of the locations detailed and click submit at the bottom of the page. We will send you a confirmation letter with your new appointment details. (Please note you will be asked for your mobile telephone number if available when you attend for an appointment).

We do not have facilities for children and are unable to accommodate dependants on our mobile units.

If you don't have an existing appointment and are in the age range 50 -71 you can check when GP practices in your area are due for screening, follow link: 'when will I get my appointment' or by telephoning the centre on 0333 200 2062. This will give you an idea of when your appointment is likely to be.

If you are over 71 and have not been screened for over 3 years you are also welcome to complete this form to request an appointment.

NB: Please select a location from the list shown below.

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NB: Sites are not available indefinitely.

At this stage we cannot guarantee a specific appointment but if you select your preferred date(s), day(s) and time, we will do our best to book a convenient appointment.


Your Details

Please enter your client number (screening reference number), this number is in the bottom left corner of your invitation letter and starts with the letters HGU or ZAC or ZAS.

Additional Information
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